A grassroots network of Idahoans dedicated to the reform of Idaho's outdated & harmful Cannabis laws

 We are a community-based, state-wide, grassroots network of individuals and organizations. 

We are focused on keeping the conversation about Cannabis reform in Idaho going strong and actively work to reform Idaho's Cannabis laws through networking events, education, and citizen initiatives. 

We believe that if we are going to make Cannabis reform a reality in Idaho, then every single one of us needs to do their part. 

Whether that is through monetary donations to our partners, or merely registering to vote and signing petitions. Donate your time and skills to the cause!

Help by circulating petitions, attending networking events, meetings & rallies, participating in campaigns and creating in-depth educational platforms, or just by sharing through social media - there is something for everyone! 

TOGETHER - we can and will reform Idaho's outdated Cannabis Laws!


Get Involved!

With the help of our dedicated partners and tireless volunteers, we are currently working 

to form a network of teams across the state of Idaho. 

Help us achieve our goals of Cannabis Education & Legalization. 

Find a local team or start your own!

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