Our Partners

Compassionate Idaho

Founded in 2008, Compassionate Idaho is Idaho's oldest Cannabis reform effort.

Compassionate Idaho is a grassroots organization of citizens in Idaho focused on reforming Idaho's Medical Marijuana laws through education and citizen initiative.

Idaho Moms for Marijuana

Founded in 2010, the Idaho chapter of 

Moms for Marijuana International focuses primarily on raising awareness, promoting education, and creating discussion about Cannabis and it's role in the past, present and future of our society. 

New Approach Idaho

Founded in 2015, New Approach Idaho is a grassroots organization of citizens in Idaho focused on reforming Idaho's Marijuana laws and decreasing through citizen initiative and legislative action.

Boise Hempfest

Boise Hempfest is a dedicated platform for

Cannabis education and discussion in Idaho.

Organized by volunteers and powered by sponsors and vendors, Boise Hempfest is themed as free and family friendly,

 Cannabis Education Events; and currently hosts two, annual events

 in the Treasure Valley.

Boise Hempfest is officially licensed by Seattle Hempfest - the nation's largest and oldest Cannabis protest-themed festival.

The Marijuana Agenda

Idaho native, and Boise State Alumni, Radical Russ Belville, is the host of America's Most Comprehensive Cannabis Politics Podcast, 

The Marijuana Agenda

Russ broadcasts from his home at the Delta 9 House & Studios in Portland, Oregon; or from the road during his travels as he keeps the Cannabis Community up-to-date with Marijuana news 

and reform in the United States.

Russ personally covers the efforts of the Cannabis Community in Idaho; to help further compassion and reform in his home state.

Delta-9 House & Studios

 If you're planning on visiting Portland to experience legalized marijuana, Delta-9 House is your 420-friendly place to stay!  

Delta-9 is home to two local cannabis activists with decades of combined experience in Oregon, so they can tell you exactly where to go and what to see to make the most of your Portland legal herb vacation. Your activist hosts will even make the coffee and country breakfast for you in the morning and share their dinner with you at night.

Take your pick of the Sativa, Indica or Hybrid themed rooms - where smoking marijuana in your room isn't just allowed, it's encouraged!  

College of Southern Idaho S.S.D.P.

College of Southern Idaho chapter of the national organization, 

Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Idaho ASA

A chapter of the National organization, Americans for Safe Access

Cannabis Education for Idaho

A group of local volunteers working to educate Idaho about the benefits of all aspects of Cannabis.

Green Majority

 Green Majority is the largest Cannabis brand within Idaho and provides Idaho Cannabis news, information, and politics! 

Help us show compassion for our neighbors and get Medical Cannabis legalized within this great state that we call home! 

We are the Green Majority!

Green Party of Idaho

In 2017, The Green Party of Idaho was reconstituted to give Idahoans an opportunity to be represented by a party that respected individual liberties and emphasized personal choice and personal responsibility as Idahoans in choosing our path to the future. 

The 10 key values of the Green Party and Grassroots Democracy set the stage for making an Idaho we can all believe in.