Cannabis Lobby Day 2019


Monday, February 25th, 2019

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Idaho State Capitol Building

1st Floor Rotunda
700 W. Jefferson St.

Boise, Idaho


To inform Idaho legislators about the therapeutic properties of Cannabis, and YOUR reason for wanting reform of Cannabis Laws in Idaho. 

RSVP @ Facebook

RSVP and invite your friends at the facebook event page. 


Participate in Person

Learn Your Legislators

Go to
Click on "Who's My Legislator?"

Call Your Legislators

As for a Meeting on Lobby Day 2019
(Monday, February 25, 2019)

Create a Verbal Story

Create a 1-2 minute verbal story you want to convey to your legislator about why you would like to see Cannabis reform in Idaho.

Meet Our Volunteers

Meet our volunteers on the 1st Floor Rotunda on Lobby Day between 10am - 2pm

Gather with us in the Rotunda, even if you cannot get a meeting!

Meet Your Legislators

Meet with your legislators and share your story. Tell them to support current Cannabis proposed legislation


Meet a Different Day

If you cannot get a meeting with your Legislators on Lobby Day:

-Inform them about Idaho Cannabis Lobby Day and ask them to stop by the 1st Floor Rotunda between 10am - 2pm

- Ask for a meeting with them a different day to discuss your concerns - at their local offfce, or ask them to meet you for coffee/tea.

Participate from Home

Create a Verbal/Written Story

Create a 1-2 minute verbal or a brief written story you want to convey to your legislator about why you would like to see Cannabis reform in Idaho.

Learn Your Legislators

Go to
Click on "Who's My Legislator?"

Call Your Legislators

Share your verbal story over the phone, on voicemail, or to the legislative assistant.

If you cannot reach your legislator, ask for a return call!

Write Your Legislators


Email, or Post Mail a written letter to your legislators.

Send them the materials created for Lobby Day and ask them to support current Cannabis proposed legislation

Social Media

Find your legislators on social media and share your story through private message or on their public pages.

Stay up to date with #LegalizeIdaho by following @

Invite People

RSVP & Invite your friends and family to be involved through our facebook event:

Share the event on your social media.

Share the event with your Legislators

Effective Lobby Guidelines

Dress With Respect

First Impressions do matter.
Dress respectfully. Wear "church clothes"
"court clothes" etc.

It is ok to wear pins, jewelry or ties that may emphasize your position, but avoid slogan T-shirts, hates, or other paraphernalia that may be more appropriate at a rally.

You want the legislators to see you as a constituent, not as a casuse.

Discuss with Respect

Developing a good rapport can increase the likelihood that your message is heard rather than be dismissed out of hand.

Use your manners, and respectful language.

Be Respectful of Time

Legislators have many things to do and many issues to deal with. 

Relay your information quickly and do not overstay your welcome.

Be conscious of their time and thank them for sharing it with you when you are done.

Effective Discussion of Your Issue

Introduce the Topic

Explain your topic.

Ask your legislator if they are familiar with the issue you want to discuss.

This allows you to understand where to start the conversation.

Talking Points

Provide 1-3 talking points that can be easily conveyed in a matter of minutes. 

Stick to your talking points.

i.e. Medical Marijuana, Industrial Hemp,
CBD Legislation

Provide Literature

Provide materials that are easy to read, emphasizes the talking points, and provides sources to further in-depth information if the legislator is interested.

See Suggested Materials (to come!)

Provide Your Personal Story

If you have one, share your personal story of why this issue is important to you. 

Do not go over 1-2 minutes when providing your story. 

Be concise, even if it is an emotionally charged story.

Ask Questions

Ask your legislator if they have any questions or concerns on what you just presented or the topic in general.

If you don't have specific answers to their concerns: write down the concerns so that you can respond at a later time.

Do not provide false answers. Tell your legislators you don't have information at this time and that you will get the information for them.

Stay Friendly!

Maintaining respect goes a long way to keep the dialogue going.

Disrespect closes doors and reduces the chances that any legislator will be receptive to your message.

HINT: Legislators do talk among themselves.

After Your Meeting

Say Thank You

Send a thank you note to each legislator you personally spoke with.

This can be a personal note or a pre-printed card, or even an email or social media message.

Thank them for their time and re-emphasize the vote you wish them to make.

Track Your Progress

Document which legislators you talked to and what their position is.

Document if follow-up is needed, specific information, invitation to an event, etc.

Provide that information to your loal team leader through #LegalizeIdaho to help coordinate further action.

Follow Up

Contact your legislators a week after your visit.

Provide any information they requested.

Ask your legislator if they have any questions about your topic and if they plan to support your cause.

Report any new information to the legislative leaders of #LegalizeIdaho